The Pion Cardboard Side Table is a functional piece of furniture, essential in all rooms of the house. It’s a bedside table for bedrooms, a low table for living room or a stool for sitting. Available in natural, white or black honeycomb recycled cardboard structure with all-wool felt top or eco-friendly fabric cover. The table has a large top and a stable base while keeping a slim shape. It is made with recycled cardboard. The shape of the Pion Cardboard Side Table reminds of a pawn, a funny design for every room in the house.

Pion made in white or natural honeycomb cardboard and wool felt.

Detail of Pion made in honeycomb cardboard and wool felt.

The Pion Cardboard Side Table has a structure made with circular layers of honeycomb cardboard, assembled with vegetal based glue. Honeycomb cardboard is recyclable and is produced using recycled paper.The natural felt top is separable from the cardboard structure. Felt is made by fulling wool, a natural process that only uses hot water and steam, without adhesives and primers.

Year 2012

Photo Credit 1,2,3,4 Alessia Renai di Renai&Renai5,6,7 Federico Marin